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SA-200.2 ES; SA-500.1 ES; Headphone Amplifiers. DMS-550; CAD-300SEI; Accessories. MA-300; ... SLI-100 Click here for more details. AiOS Click here for a list of all ... Gallo Acoustics Ref3 vs. Ref3.1: Gallo Acoustics Strada : Gallo Acoustics Strada 2 & TR3-D: Gato Audio DIA-250: Gato Audio DIA-400: Genesis M60s: German Physiks Borderland MkIV: German Physiks HRS-120: Get Better Sound 3 x DVD set: Get BetterSound - A book review: GigaWatt PC-3SE Evo: GigaWatt PC-4 EVO DCB: GigaWatt PF-2: Gingko Audio MiniCloud ...

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Michaelson & Austin : TVA-1 / M-200 Music Reference : RM-10 / RM-200 Nagra : VPA Primaluna : Prologue 5 / Prologue 6 / Dialogue 7 Octave : RE 280 / MRE 130 Quad : II / II Classic Quicksilver : V4 Rogue : M-150 Silvercore : 833C Sonic Frontiers : Power 1 / Power 2 Sun : SV-2A3 Tenor : 75Wi Jun 25, 2020 · I’m having an issue with my EVO 400 integrated. (I also found 2 others that have the same problem with the integrated – but they are using EVO 300 i. I didn’t find people using just the EVO pre and EVO amp with this issue.) When in HT mode there is a hum/buzzing. This can also be heard on all the other inputs.

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View and Download PrimaLuna EvoLution Series manual online. Tube Integrated Amplifiers. EvoLution Series amplifier pdf manual download. Also for: Evo 100-1, Evo 400-1, Evo 200-1, Evo 300-1, Evo 100-3, Evo 300-3, Evo 400-3, Evo 200-3.

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Our design philosophy is the culmination of more than 40 years of research and development. conrad-johnson products are executed with simple circuits, constructed with the highest-quality custom components.

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As the quality of capacitors under the hood increases, so does break-in time. In the past, most PrimaLuna components have been rocking out of the box, improving a bit over about 50 hours, tops. The new EVO 400 preamplifier, like the EVO 400 power amplifiers, still sound exceptional at first turn on, but it does improve a bit over about 100 hours.