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Aug 19, 2020 · MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A 44-year-old woman, driving a motorcycle Trike, was killed Wednesday in a crash on the portion of U.S. Highway 129 in Blount County known as “The Dragon.” The Bloun…

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Ran great all day then I went to start it in the evening and all it did is start then immediately stops. Might just need to be re-synced then. Had similar problem with the 2003 in the garage, replaced batteries and did the handshake and all was well.Jan 17, 2009 · My motorcycle is causing me headaches. The machine in question is an 83' Honda Shadow 500 with 21K miles. It's never had a problem until this. It will start up and run fine for about 5 minutes, but once it warms up it starts to bog and eventually dies. You cannot restart it until it sits for awhile.

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The bike starts strong, but idles around 3000 rpm, and then (after about 3-5 minutes of running) starts to die unless I open the throttle. Starts, idles at 3k for a few minutes, and then dies.Use as little choke as you need. In the summer even when the engine is cold, start with maybe half (or less) choke. As soon as it starts, turn the choke down. As soon as the bike will idle without stalling, turn the choke off. Letting it idle with the choke on even a little will make it run really rich and start to foul plugs.

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