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Use the method that you prefer when graphing a line. In addition, since the original inequality is strictly greater than symbol, \Large{\color{red}>}, we will graph the boundary line as a dotted line. Step 4: The original inequality is y > x + 1. The greater than symbol implies that we are going to shade the top area or region. function fig2tex(fignum,fname,plotwidth) %FIG2TEX Convert figure to a TeX file representation % FIG2TEX(FIGNUM,FNAME,PLOTWIDTH) produces a tex file named % FNAME for the figure nu

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See full list on overleaf.com \rule{w}{h}Line of width wand height h. Tabular environments tabbing environment \= Set tab stop. \> Go to tab stop. Tab stops can be set on \invisible" lines with \killat the end of the line. Normally \\is used to separate lines.

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The map of the nine-dash line is based on a map originally issued by a department of the Republic of China that showed 11 lines forming a U-shape in the South China Sea. Jan 20, 2016 · Ever wondered how to get lines in the text of your figure captions to match the lines in your plots, e.g. Well the good news is it’s not hard at all. Simply include the package tikz , which should be part of most standard LaTeX builds, then define a command to represent the type of line you wish to use.

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Dec 11, 2007 · This looks great! One thing that I may want to change is the way the dotted and dashed lines look. Notice that the dots are too small. So, I wrote a simple function that goes into the EPS file and modifies the line definitions. I have posted the function, fixPSlinestyle, on the File Exchange. fixPSlinestyle('finalPlot1.eps', 'finalPlot2.eps');

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