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Finding the Volume of a Sphere Recall the formula for a sphere’s volume. A sphere is a circular solid in three dimensions. The primary formula for the volume of a sphere is: Volume=43πr3\\displaystyle \\textVolume=\\frac 43\\pi r^3 π=3.14\\displaystyle \\pi =3.14 A bicycle wheel has a diameter of 64.0 cm and a mass of 1.80 kg. Assume that the wheel is a hoop with all the mass concentrated on the outside radius. The bicycle is placed on a stationary stand and a resistive force of 120 N is applied tangent to the rim of the tire.

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What is the acceleration of a crate if two movers apply 85.0 N and 52.5 N force respectively, and a frictional force of 45.5 N acts in the opposite direction of the motion? The mass of the crate is 175 kg. Bench press standards help estimate how much the average man can lift. Going by average U.S. weights, that standard rests at about 135 pounds for the untrained.

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A 92 kg astronaut and 1200 kg satellite are at rest relative to the space shuttle. The astronaut pushes on the satellite, giving it speed of 0.14 m/s directly awayfrom the shuttle. Seven and a half secons later the astronaut comes into contact with the shuttle.

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page 1 1 nasa astronaut dosimetry: implementation of scalable human phantoms and benchmark comparisons of deterministic versus monte carlo radiation transport by amir alexander bahadori a dissertation presented to the graduate school of the university of florida in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosophy university of florida 2012