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I have taken a few deer wit hthe 54 cal. round ball 230 grain and with 100 grains of goex 3f no need for conicals out to 100 yards I like to use the conicals REALS in my 50 cal. does a tad better then the 170 +grain RB on larger body deer but the 50cal. rb will get the job done also again I use 100 grains of 3F blows 2 holes out to 75 yards right threw the boiler room.Get the best deals on Black Powder Hunting Gun Bullet Molds when you shop the ... Thompson Center Arms Bullet Mold Maxi-Ball 54 430 #7292 ... 58 Caliber Cast Bullet ...

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And the reason why was simple enough to figure out - the .54 caliber bore offered very little advantage, if any. For the most part, the very same .451" and .452" diameter bullets were being fired out of both the .50 and .54. The only difference was the sabot used to make up the difference between the under-sized bullet and the bore. Whether you're new or experienced at lead bullet casting, looking for a mould to suit your old 577/450 Martini Henry, your SMLE 303 British, your Martini 310 Cadet or brand new rifle, handgun or shotgun, we're sure you'll find something so that you can cast your own quality, accurate lead bullets.

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Apr 16, 2018 · Bullet makers are listed alphabetically by firm. We depend upon the information received from these manufacturers, on our questionaire, for the specifics. We list up to 10 bullet diameters for each bullet maker, although several firms produce far more than that. The nature of the custom bullet business is to offer whatever the client desires. The plan is to make a bullet mold that will duplicate the original rimfire round. Havn't thought this out yet. It's a heeled bullet. It looks like this. (You need to Login or Register to view media files and links) I have a .54 ballard that Lee Shaver is working on. I'm thinking paper patch bullets for it. Merle

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Lee Double Cavity Mould produces a gas checked .225 diameter 55 grain round with flat bullet suitable for .22 cal cartridges. Handles included. Lee 45-70 Caliber Rifle (.457") 340 Gr. Flat Nose 2 Cavity Bullet Mould

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Refine by Caliber: .357-180-SILH .37-250-FN. Refine by Caliber: .37-250-FN ... Bullet Mould .378-312 BPS 608. Model: 82090 $90.41 Quickview RCBS Bullet Mould .476-400 ...